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Pressing Flowers

Updated: May 7, 2019

Flowers are precious. Whether given to us by a loved one, picked on the side of the road or a lone wildflower given to us by tiny hands and tender smiles, these are things we want to keep as memories. Here are a few ways to help.

Know your flowers

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This may sound funny, but the smaller the flower the easier to press. If you are looking at drying larger flowers you may have to invest in a more heavy duty press, and the risk of large flowers molding on you is significantly higher. For these larger flowers I suggest using another drying method (SILICA GEL).

Choose a Press

Between Book Pages

In a Notebook/Between Paper

Using a Flower Press (like this one)

These are all perfect ways to press your flowers but there are a few things to make sure of:

  • Make sure the pages are for lack of a better word "papery". High gloss pages, wax paper or parchment paper will keep water intact and can cause issues with drying flowers. This is the one I use often.

  • Place on bottom of a book stack or under a paper weight, book end or other heavy object. This will ensure drying and flattening of flowers.

  • Wait! Pressing takes between 2-4 weeks depending on the flower! so patience is key.

Prepare and Press

Choose the flowers you are wanting to press.

*If you are pressing a full flower with the stem intact be sure to press it alone and give extra time for drying as the stems hold more moisture.

*For bloom pressing:

-Cut at the base of the bloom where it connects to the stem

-Lay face down on page or paper and fan out petals as desired

-Layer with another paper or closed book/notebook and press as desired.

Ready To Create!

After 2-4 weeks the flowers are ready! They should feel papery to the touch and very dry.

Now it's time to DIY.. whether bookmarks, cards, wall-hangings or jewelry your flowers are preserved and ready! What a lovely way to preserve the special moments.

Growing in Grace,


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